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The Brick and the Mirror

Presented by the Iranian Film Festival Australia

A seminal film of the ‘first Iranian New Wave,’ and heavily influenced by the French New Wave, Ebrahim Golestan’s first feature The Brick and the Mirror is a minimalist tale of a taxi driver left to deal with a baby abandoned on his back seat.

Thematically the existentialist film explores the meaning of love and the difficulty commitment and has been compared to Antonioni’s L’Avventura. But this groundbreaking film also branches out into a biting social commentary of Iranian society in the 60s, a society undergoing rapid modernisation but blind to its future. Soleyman Minassian’s expressionistic black-and-white widescreen photography, with its stylish evocation of the urban milieau by night, is notable.

The Brick and the Mirror is essential viewing for those seeking to understand the roots of the post-revolutionary New Iranian Cinema. Revelation screens a digitally restored version of the film.

Sun 9th, 11:00am, Luna Leederville

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  • Director:Ebrahim Golestan
  • Year:1965
  • Country:Iran
  • Duration:125min
  • Rated:Unclassified 15

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  • Sun 9th, 11:00am, Luna Leederville

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