Revelation Film Festival 2014

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Oct Australian Revelations: Long Weekend

Dir: Colin Eggleston
Year: 1978
Duration: 92mins


After years of languishing in the backblocks of Australian cinema history, Long Weekend has in recent years come to the fore as one of the great unsung Australian thrillers.

Australian great John Hargreaves (Don in Don's Party and Peter in this film) and Briony Behets (a stalwart of the Aussie small screen and Marcia here) are a cast of...well...two who as a married couple in trouble spend a long weekend on an isolated beach in a last ditch attempt to save their relationship.

Over the course of what's meant to by an idyllic few days, they find themselves more and more under pressure from the environment that surrounds them. Unusual natural phenomenon and frightening midnight occurrences plauge what's meant to be a simple retreat but both soon discover their internal turmoil is manifesting itself on the natural world.

What Director Colin Eggleston manages to achieve though is quite remarkable. Where its easy to consign this film as a quick and cheap 70s Aussie horror film - a location where it languished for many years - the film is in fact a very tightly helmed character study that pulls many traditions of Romatic literature into a contemporary setting.

Hargreaves and Behets' performances are excellent and carry what is quite a tough film to manage. Supported by a very tight script from Everett De Roche alongside of course the excellent and expansive photography of Vincent Monton Long Weekend is an essential part of Australian cinema and a work that continues to be screened at festivals and special programs internationally.

Date: Mon Oct 26th
Location: The Backlot Perth: 21 Simpson St, West Perth
Time: 6:45pm for 7pm start
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