Revelation Film Festival 2014


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erin coates

Damien Lipp is a country kid at heart, with a strong passion and love for the world of filmmaking.

He began his career studying acting at B.A.P.A, where he gained a role on a mini series for 3 months. The love and passion that he gained from being around the props, lights and big sets propelled him into pursuing Producing and Cinematography. Damien went on to produce his first feature film, Beckoning the Butcher, to which gained international distribution (UK, Korea, Australia, NZ and Cinematic releases in South America and the Philippines) and experience that moved him further and deeper into the world of filmmaking.

Through his career, Damien met his collaborator Tristan Barr, where they went onto create the film company, BarrLipp productions. They have produced several short films, TVC’s, advertisements and also corporate videos. Apart from their corporate work together, the duo felt that they wanted to achieve something in Australian cinema that hadn’t been attempted before. This brought Damien into producing/filming Watch the Sunset, Australia’s first one take feature film. Damien is already in early stages for his next feature film, which will start filming late this year.